We provide transformative and profound leadership and organisational development

The world today is more turbulent and complex than ever before. To meet the new challenges and opportunities we face, organisations and leaders need to address the fundamentals of how they work and lead.

We provide a range of approaches from coaching leaders and teams through to culture change consulting, whether face to face and working digitally.

Transformative, because we work with leaders to engage the whole self. This is profound as it impacts on the fundamental ways you think, feel and act.

Our difference is to view your leadership and organisation as part of a complex ecosystem. This opens up new perspectives on what leadership is and should be.

We recognise the value of being in nature to help people slow down, stop being adrenalized and focus on what’s really important to them.



The outcomes we deliver include

Leaders who have more:

  • Time, space and peace to think
  • Influence across boundaries
  • Scope to see the ecosystems their organisation is part of
  • Ability to intervene with decision and impact

Teams who can:

  • Build trust in one another
  • Hold difficult conversations
  • Respond to and use conflict in a positive way
  • Create a cycle of improved performance
"What stands out from Orchard House Partners with a mix of business leaders was the way our conversations became so much deeper and open as we spoke more naturally about what we do and how we lead. The environment was very calming, like one long out breath. That was so much more helpful to make change happen. Klaus Goeldenbot - Trustee Bristol Old Vic, NED Bulgin Ltd, ex CEO Nisbets