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Leadership Development

Our focus is on leaders finding their purpose, navigating uncertainty and adapting their leadership to meet the changing needs of today’s world.

Why Leadership Development?

We’re living in unprecedented times where disruption is becoming the norm. Every day, leaders are faced with complex challenges from developments in technology, climate change, international politics, globalisation and volatile markets – to name just a few. Before you’ve had a chance to respond to one challenge, such as the first waves of the pandemic, a new one comes along, challenging the current transformations.

As leaders, we are part of complex ecosystems of organisations and networks. We help leaders understand the ecosystem they work within and how they can influence and have impact. Often we use metaphors from nature to identify where, when and how to intervene to make the ecosystems stronger so they can thrive in an uncertain and volatile world.

The benefits

We work with leaders and their challenges to benefit from increased ability to:

  • Map the ecosystems they are part of
  • Lead complexity with confidence
  • Have more focus on purpose and yet agility to adapt
  • Feel energised and resilience
  • Influence across boundaries of the system they lead

What we know works

Current leadership development best practice insights from our participants

  • Leaders under stress and disruption value stepping back to see the bigger and longer-term picture
  • The more leaders can understand the system they lead, they can see where they can intervene most effectively, with a well-aimed tweak to create positive and self-sustained cycles
  • Since the pandemic, we find leaders need a safe space to consciously unpack the impact on them and what leadership, people now need from them
  • Creating strong challenge and support in coaching groups aids learning at a deeper level
  • Doing work on leadership works best when we start with helping the individual to get closer to their own thinking, then blending in models of leadership for challenge
  • A significant mix of individual time, coaching and group discussions gives the best impact.
  • Whilst an initial session sets out the journey the real work to change is done by the individual in real -life and that is where the difference happens

Our approach

We co design the best approach with each client – typical elements include :

  • Understand the strategic imperative of the organisation, and identify the leadership challenges
  • Hold individual personal development consultations
  • Adapt and design the learning interventions
  • Hold a 2 day offsite(s) or a series of short virtual sessions to help leaders set the context and nature of leadership behavioural change
  • Provide individual or learning group coaching alongside a 3-6 month leadership change process
  • Encourage stakeholder feedback and action on real challenges they face as the focus of the learning
  • Harvest the learning from participants, to learn from each other what worked and to capture stories of leadership change
  • Feedback the culture experienced as data for stimulating further organisational change