Leadership Labs

The Leadership Labs are a series of free online events which will run throughout the year and are designed to give you the opportunity to come together with a diverse network of leaders from different backgrounds, sectors and geographies, and discuss KEY leadership topics. 

These are not typical webinars. They’re lively and provocative discussions which will disrupt current thinking patterns.

Save the dates for these upcoming events:

  • Reverse Mentoring – 7th March  – Fully Booked
  • Working with Culture in a Merger – 23rd April
  • Finding strength in a brittle world – 6th June
  • Team Leadership and Teams of Teams’ – Autumn 2024

We’ll share more detailed information and the registration links soon, but in the meantime please contact us and we’ll add you to the guest list, so you don’t miss out.

Why attend the Leadership Labs?

The world is increasingly complex and uncertain. Learning as fast as events around us – ideally faster – than the rate of change – is a competitive advantage and a condition to thrive mutually. It is impossible to do this alone and experts do not exist to provide answers. The challenges are too interconnected and shifting too quickly for one leader’s brain to solve it.

Learning collaboratively through diverse networks – just how natural ecosystems function – will enable shared learning, rapid experimentations and fresh insights.

By participating in our Leadership Labs, you will:

  • Increase your confidence to address emerging leadership challenges.
  • Develop your leadership capacity to navigate turbulence.
  • Expand your perspectives and options.
  • Accelerate your learning capacity.
  • Give yourself thinking space to feel less isolated.