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Engaging Purpose and Values

Many organisations now find their previous purpose and values are no longer fit for the world they now find themselves in. They need refreshing.

Why do we need to engage our purpose and values?

The impact of COVID has enabled or forced many organizations to reset. The expectations of employees in terms of the flexibility of where and how they work has changed. The climate change focus asks leaders how their organisation’s purpose serves the world.

Companies are realising that having a central purpose, is more important than ever – one that is simple  and resonates and inspires it’s employees, customers/clients and beyond.  A purpose isn’t just about having a marketing strapline.  It’s about real meaning.  Real meaning, increasingly incorporates social and environmental responsibility and results in motivated, high performing employees and bottom line success.

We also know that words mean far less than action and our expertise in supporting and facilitating transformational change, organisational development, coaching and leadership development, means that we can continue to offer our clients support as they seek to translate the purpose into action.

In the current world of unprecedented change, individuals often tell us that they are re-evaluating their lives and revisiting their personal purpose which is covered in our coaching services.

What we know works.

Elements that increase implementation success:

  • Making the shift in purpose visible to people
  • Helping people understand the imperative – how is the world changing and what if what we stand for is no longer wanted? (eg retail, oil & gas, plastics)
  • Getting buy-in to purpose – people need to be involved to make it their purpose.
  • Engage/excite people to explore a System of Company Values and how I link that to ‘My Values’?

An incremental implementation time frame is usually too long – we design methods to accelerate change without telling people to just do it.

Our approach

The principles we apply to the work are:

  • Establishing purpose involves an “inside-out” process. It probes the deepest resources of an organisation to access its unparalleled uniqueness.
  • Applying those resources to clarify tangible and intangible offering that are unassailably differentiated.
  • A clear purpose meets the deeper human needs of your stakeholder eco-system, far beyond the mere satisfaction of a set of material needs.
  • For us, a purpose statement is intended as a constitution, to guide leadership behaviors and strategic decisions; it is not intended as a branding exercise or mobilisation tool for employees.
  • We use methodologies that clarify the core values in a system of values. We help reveal competing values and support leaders to integrate these into their everyday business realities.