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Ecosystem Leadership

We invite leaders to see themselves as leading interconnected systems, rather than controlling isolated elements.

Using metaphors from natural ecosystems, we open up new perspectives on what leadership is and should be. We recognise the value of being in Nature to help people slow down, stop being adrenalized and focus on what’s really important to them.

To take an ecosystem view we first have to allow our focus to widen. We use techniques such as constellations, sculpts and network mapping to widen the sense of what we lead. We help leaders let go of the hard focus their day to day role may demand.

A great way to do this is to explore the metaphors we see in nature. Using our knowledge of the parallels or stark differences that can be found outdoors we open the perspectives. The aim being to see the connections across the whole ‘ecosystem’ someone or a team are leading.

Being in nature, physically or virtually, therefore leads to better coaching.

  1. It adds many of the wellbeing benefits of simply being in nature
  2. This helps you let go of your current environment and open up your mind to new possibilities
  3. So it becomes easier to explore bigger, more ground-breaking ideas

Why it works

When we learn in and from nature, we engage both sides of our brain. This means we experience things at a deep, neurological level and create the neural pathways we need to think, feel and act in different ways.

It’s at times like these you have those moments when everything clicks into place and it all becomes clear. Those rare moments of inspiration, discovery and understanding.

Because the experience you’ll have on our programmes is an emotional, physical and visceral one, it will have a significant effect on you. It will leave you feeling refreshed, with a new perspective, energy and insight about the way forward – for you personally and for the organisation you lead.

Being closer to nature allows you to be closer to yourself. If you are closer to what and who you really are you can more easily explore what you might like to change at a fundamental level. This increases the likelihood you will decide on a few profound changes that shift your leadership and shift the ecosystems you are a part of.

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