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Building Inclusion

The protests of summer 2020 shone a bright light on many of the racial and gendered inequities in our society. This highlighted the need for businesses to carefully consider how diversity, equity and inclusion are navigated in the world of work.

Our focus is to support you in building a more inclusive environment by shifting the dial on equity, diversity and inclusion and nurturing a culture that understands it.  Increasing understanding and awareness of equity, equality and inclusion issues shifts the mindset of organisations, departments, and teams. A shift in mindset arms individuals with the power to consider others and the challenges they may face.

Why Inclusion matters:

Environments and cultures that are inclusive tend to be the most resilient. We all need to be resilient to get through immediate crises and their long-term effects. To create resilience, the culture must be authentic — lived by the leaders, supporting the employees, providing real responses to the crisis.

Our approach:

We help clients explore diversity, equity and inclusion demands using a humanistic, proactive, and bespoke style of consulting. It’s vital we create conditions where people can be empowered to speak up and discuss/share lived experiences to help shape and influence policies and procedures so that equality is proactively considered. We create training programmes and other experiences that are just right for employees to feel safe and speak up about their real experiences.

What we offer:

We work with companies, businesses and organisations on a wide range of projects, including: Design and delivery of equality, diversity and inclusion training and consultancy; helping our clients, to build inclusive cultures and environments.

We can deliver:

  • Board development away days
  • Action learning sets
  • Team building activities
  • Reverse mentoring
  • Roundtable discussions
  • Inclusive leadership development
  • Variety of equity, diversity and inclusion workshops