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What can you expect from our October leading through turbulence programme?

Do you increasingly find yourself leading through unknown territory?


January 2021

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About the programme:

We’re living in unprecedented times. Every day leaders are faced with complex challenges from developments in technology, climate change, international politics, globalisation and volatile markets – to name just a few. Before you’ve had a chance to respond to one challenge a new one comes along. As you lead in uncertainty, you may now find yourself ‘in charge but increasingly not in control’ – while still having to deliver on short term results. Uncertainty creates changes that ‘emerge’ and cannot always be planned for. This requires a fundamentally different approach with different responses. This requires a change of mindset and increased personal leadership capacity.

We’re delighted to be welcoming people back face to face to Orchard House to experience the Leading in Turbulence programme in our beautiful natural ecosystems.

The programme will help you steer a path through these difficult times by recognising the complex ecosystems (personal, team, stakeholders, wider world) you and your organisation are part of, how these affect you, your personal impact and where, when and how you could intervene to make the ecosystems stronger so they can thrive in an uncertain and volatile world. In short, it will help you increase your capacity to lead in a complex environment.

We offer models drawn from business, psychology, complexity thinking and change research to stimulate your thinking and give you new perspectives. However ‘Leading in Turbulence’ is not a traditional training programme; it is a personalised, experiential journey which includes focussed coaching and experiential learning dedicated to the leadership challenges you bring. This approach results in real change and mind shifts during the programme, taking insights and action back into the workplace.  It is designed to disrupt your thinking habits and everyday patterns of behaviour from leading in familiar territory to leading in uncertainty. You will deepen your self insight ability to lead others in change is directly linked to your willingness to make change in yourself and how you show up. We hold the mirror up for you, then help you work out and through the image reflected back.

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