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Turbulence: A Resilient Ecosystem Opportunity

Before COVID-19 we were already facing unprecedented upheaval. Now all the norms of our working and personal lives are under massive strain. As our business ecosystems are being challenged like never before, we all sense the threat of daily uncertainty and a lack of control.

The question many of us are asking is: What can I do now?

Starting today, we’re going to open up a free space for leaders, coaches and individuals to connect and discuss how together we might respond.

We want to give you an opportunity to share your ideas and hear from others on what leaders can do to help steer us all through these challenging times. Because how leaders respond now is key.

We designed this as a process of joint inquiry and experimentation to support leaders, their teams, customers, and everyone involved in the ecosystems they are a part of.

To have meaningful discussions, where we can explore, manage and harness our responses, we need to:

  • Increase connection so we have more dialogue, not less
  • Increase empathy as we are all feeling triggered and unsure how to react
  • Increase experimentation, process our learning quickly and develop agile responses

Orchard House Partners is a community of leadership and team coaches with huge experience creating distinctive interventions that make a difference to how leaders lead.

We’re spearheading this initiative to help people begin to connect on these issues now. And, crucially, to increase our connection, empathy and experimentation.

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Turbulence: a resilient ecosystem opportunity (TREO)

COVID-19 is disrupting our plans, creating anxiety, scaring markets and challenging our accepted ways of working. As leaders, coaches and individuals, we sense the threat of daily uncertainty and lack of control across our personal and business ecosystems.As a result we must challenge ‘normal’ practice. We must reframe our assumptions and consider the limitations in our wider ecosystems. Because now we have the opportunity to build adaptability, connectivity, empathy, and resilience into these ecosystems and create a more secure future.

Our offer to all leaders and coaches

How leaders lead at a time like this is key. So it’s crucial that we connect and share our ideas and concerns to help us manage how we respond. This is important for leaders’ teams, their employees, customers and suppliers. And, most importantly, for the leaders themselves.

We invite you to join us in a co-created and experimental inquiry to address questions such as:

  • How do we respond to circumstances beyond our control?
  • How do we lead in turbulent times?
  • What limitations do we have to work within?
  • How can necessity push us to innovate and in which directions?
  • How do we continue to connect and learn together despite quarantine and isolation?

The ability to respond to these issues is, of course, personal, so we will also discuss with you topics such as:

  • How can I help myself and others become more resilient?
  • How can I become better able to lead through turbulence?
  • How can I support my teams to act decisively in the face of uncertainty?

How we will do this

  1. Inquiry into ‘What Matters’
  2. Online Group Dialogue Workshop
  3. Leading through Turbulence Programme

The novel approach we’re piloting will help you and your teams develop new leadership skills to help you steer a clear path through adversity and uncertainty. You’ll be at the forefront of addressing how to lead teams and organisations at this difficult time.

And you’ll get ahead of the curve as the new normal develops. Responding to a significant challenge like the one we face today is not about putting the pieces back together. It’s about adapting to the new circumstances and accepting there will be permanent change.

TREO-Thinking – a process of joint inquiry and experiment

We’re calling this novel approach TREO-Thinking.

TREO-Thinking occurs in three stages:

1. Inquiry into What Matters

When: see dates above
Where: Zoom conference calls Cost: FREE
Number of people: 20
This online discussion is open to anyone who wants to work with others to develop fresh ideas on leading through turbulence. We aim to come up with 4-5 key topics that the group believes will be useful to further explore together online.

2. Online Group Dialogue Workshop

When: Starts w/c 30th March
Where: Zoom conference calls
Cost: £100 per person*
Number of people: 15-20
This series of on-line, experimental workshops is for those people who want to help further the 4-5 key topics that came from the inquiry. *If you continue on to the Leading Through Turbulence Programme we’ll reduce the programme fee by £100.

3. Join the Leading through Turbulence Programme

When: 12th to 14th May (dependent on Government/WHO advice; dates in September and October coming soon)
Where: Orchard House, Monmouthshire
Cost: See pdf and website
Number of people: 12
The final content for this experiential programme will be informed by the Online Group Dialogue. To find out more about Orchard House Partners and the initial programme. Click here.


You can download the details given above as a pdf – click here.