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Resilience from Rewilding

Develop your resilience as a leader through learning from natural eco-systems

Increasingly we all need to resource ourselves to lead resiliently through complex change in our organisations or in our own lives.  Future Considerations helps leaders engage with the challenges of their time in innovative and experiential ways, to address system change and develop as leaders. We have partnered with Orchard House Partners who use nature and the outdoors to help you find your own sources of inspiration and energy; learn how to recharge and resource yourself.

This programme is for you if you want to understand and build your level of resilience to lead in new ways across the systems you work in. It is highly relevant for leaders, HR and OD professionals who need to support others through major changes.

Working with experienced coaches over 3 months you will be able to lead more effectively, harnessing the rush and pressure of your role through:

  • Resilience is built by reconnecting with what matters to you and choosing how to respond in the moment.
  • Visceral and deep connections to what matters to do are best made outdoors in natural spaces.
  • Natural spaces (ecosystems) are full of metaphors about choices and change
  • Being in and around the wild wood, rewilded fields, ponds, pagan spring and commercial cider apple orchard will help you re-source , re-energise, and reframe.
  • New and more sustainable solutions emerge that parallel the systems you see in nature

Seeing the ‘system’ you are in with new eyes, enables a leader to better identify how to respond and where to intervene. This may mean changing aspects of how you lead and building your own resilience to change. We will work with the 5 Rs of Resilience :

  • Response
  • Reality
  • Resources
  • Recharge
  • Reframe

This programme will enable you to explore your current level and sources of resilience, see parallels in the way nature absorbs change, in order to develop new strategies for yourself and your organisation.

Previous participants have gone away with practical insights about the systems they lead in eg replacing a big initiative with a well-aimed tweak that helps the system into a positive cycle that is self-sustained and hence needs less input or time from themselves as a leader.

On this programme you will experience:

  • 1:1 coaching in advance to establish your needs and introduce the different spaces that may be best for you to explore
  • Reconnecting with nature
  • Applying the 5 Rs of Resilience to your situation
  • Individual space to consider and assimilate new perspectives offered
  • Small peer coaching groups (action learning based) to process leadership behaviours that you want to action whilst on the programme and beyond

The change you’ll see

After the programme as a participant you will be able to:

  • More clearly see the ‘system’ you are in and how you can be more resilient
  • Identify your patterns of reacting and how to respond and choose where to intervene.
  • Reframe your situation and learnt how to recharge and resource yourself using nature
  • Connect your thinking to physical, emotional and visceral experiences
  • Embed your personal learning in your work and life in an impactful way

Why Orchard House?

Holding this intervention at Orchard House is different and significantly more impactful because:

  • Orchard House is a home, built to a high standard of accommodation, dedicated to you as participants, to make it your own, eg preparing, cooking, serving meals, there are no hotel staff or other guests to interrupt
  • Horses and spaces in nature enable participants to go ‘deeper, quicker’.
  • The guided sessions in the wildwood, pond and orchard ecosystems provide ‘time to reflect’ more deeply and hence address the important, difficult to raise topics
  • Provides everything to ensure an uninterrupted focus on the work you want to do.
  • Make use of 140 acres of space, guided walks, equine assisted coaching, Fire Pit, gym and running routes.

Course Details

Dates: 3 month development journey with 2 day residential event:

  • 22-23 September, arriving 6pm 21th September

Where: Orchard House in Monmouthshire

Number of people:  This programme will be for a group of 10-12 people

Cost: £950 per person for a 3 month programme, including 1:1 coaching, 2 day event and follow up group coaching.

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