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Post Holiday Blues – Reset your Resilience

Just returned from your Easter holiday but still not feeling like you’re ready to face life’s challenges?

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We put a lot of hope into holidays – quality time with our loved ones, catching up on rest, having fun, having new experiences, long luxurious days just soaking up the sun, a chance to reflect and get our perspective back on life whilst we’re away from the from the endless demands of our working lives.

There’s always that ultimate hope too, that we will end our holidays looking forward to facing our challenges with renewed vigour and a fresh perspective – maybe even bursting with new ideas. So what about those of us that don’t return eager to face our challenges again or we have it but it disappears rapidly as reality dawns? Most of us can’t just hot foot it back to the beach in the hope that we will feel ready after a longer break.

The fact is that many of us have so many challenges that a holiday alone, may not be enough to conjure up new reserves of resilience. How often do we attend to exploring (amongst other things) our behavioural patterns, our self-talk, how we frame things, how we meet our emotional needs and strategies which offer a scaffold for us when times get tough? Most often we just plough on, hanging on by our fingernails. How does that help us to be at our best for our own well-being, to support others and to perform well at work?

Many organisations are beginning to appreciate the positive impact that looking after mental well being has upon, not only employee wellbeing but on engagement, productivity and employment branding when running high performing organisations.

We’re offering a Resilience Reset programme in May for you to grow resilience skills for life.

The online intensive booster programme takes place over 2 weeks on the 14th and 21st May and is facilitated by Fiona Ellis and Lisa Saunders.


Duration: Two 3-hour sessions over 2 weeks

Dates: 14th AND 21st May

Timings: 2-5pm as an online course, plus workbook to use in own time

In this programme we will help you explore the wider reality of what is happening in your life and work and strategies and tools for how to increase your resilience . Come prepared to listen and be supported in a confidential setting.

PRICE (includes both sessions)

Corporate rate (VAT inclusive) = £750

Individual / self-funding rate (VAT inclusive) = £495