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New: Weekly Conversations Coming in June

Every week, from the middle of March until the end of May, we asked leaders how they were leading their teams, employees, customers and suppliers – and, most importantly, how they were supporting themselves.

If you joined us for one of these conversations we hope the relaxed, conversational style of the discussions stood out and gave you the time you needed to share your experiences. That we listened rather than presented solutions.  You can find our key learnings here.

We will continue to use this approach so you can continue to share your ideas and hear from others. We will add to this by guiding the conversations with the key topics you and others have told us they want to discuss.

The process remains one of joint inquiry and experimentation. The purpose is to support leaders, their teams, customers, and everyone involved in the ecosystems they are part of.

To make sure we continue to have meaningful discussions, where we can explore, manage and harness our ideas, we will:

  • Connect so we have more dialogue, not less
  • Share views as the post Covid world unfolds
  • Increase experimentation to develop agile responses

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Each session lasts for one hour and is limited to the first 20 people who register.

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What do your teams say they want now?

Weds 10th June

How to build resilience in this constantly changing system

Weds 17th June

Your COVID leadership legacy

Weds 24th June

Which behaviours are emerging that will be essential for us to succeed in 2021?

Weds 1st July

Orchard House Partners is a community of leadership and team coaches. Between us we have huge experience creating distinctive interventions that make a difference to how leaders lead.

We’re spearheading this initiative to help people begin to act on these issues now. And, crucially, to increase our connection, empathy and experimentation.