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Leading Through Turbulence

About the programme

We are living in unprecedented times. Every day leaders are faced with complex challenges from developments in technology, climate change, international politics, globalisation and volatile markets – to name just a few. Before you’ve had a chance to respond to one challenge, a new one comes along.

This programme will help you steer a path through these difficult times by recognising the complex ecosystems you and your organisation are part of. It will help you understand your personal impact, over different time horizons and perspectives. You will make choices about where, when and how to intervene to make the ecosystems stronger so they can thrive in an uncertain and volatile world.

How the programme will help you

During the programme we will use different tools and models to help you recognise and understand the environment you work in and the impact of your own behaviours.

These include:

  • Systemic or eco-systemic leadership thinking and techniques
  • Three Horizon Thinking providing future foresight
  • LifePi ™ to highlight deep personal patterns
  • Vertical Development to profile your capacity to lead in complexity
  • Introduce ideas such as:
    • Leadership in the social age, and social media as an ecosystem
    • Circularity economics and business design

We will help you question:

  • Am I providing the leadership that people need from me?
  • How can I begin to live the life I want to lead?
  • Where do I want to make an impact and why?
  • How do other leaders in similar positions look at these issues?
  • How have the ecosystems I’m part of affected me?
  • How will I use this experience and take action?

How the programme works

On the programme you will:

  • Have a Personal Coaching Call (PCC) with one of our facilitators prior to the event to explore what you want to get out of the experience
  • Experience deep immersion in patterns outside your normal daily routine
  • Draw on the rich parallels from the wildwood, rewilding spaces, ponds, ancient village and commercial cider orchard to stimulate wider thinking
  • Reconnect with nature to help you reconnect with your inner self
  • Use individual space to consider and assimilate new perspectives
  • Receive peer supervision using ecosystem sculpting and a multi-lens approach
  • Receive coaching to help you process the leadership behaviours you want to action
  • Assess your ability as a leader to see and intervene in ecosystems

The change you will see

After the programme you will be able to:

  • Recognise the personal, organisational and wider ecosystems you’re part of
  • Understand how these ecosystems have shaped your behaviour and patterns of thinking
  • Identify changes you want to make and intervene in an agile and effective way
  • Influence and create business ecosystems that allow individuals, teams and organisations to be at their most effective
  • Listen to your inner voice and reconnect with what’s important to you
  • Better understand your patterns of behaviour: what drives you, blocks you, impacts you and your own growth
  • Relate everything you’ve learned to the physical, emotional and visceral experience you’ve had, the impact is strong, personal and lasting.

Duration:  This can be a standalone programme over 2½days or part of a longer leadership development programme over 9-12 months.

Number of people:  For one person, groups or teams of up to 12.

Venue: Orchard House and your place of work.

We provide everything so you can enjoy the experience without interruption. This can include, for example, coaching, catering, time in open spaces, guided walks, equine facilitated coaching, a night in a bivouac, cooking over a fire pit, exercise in the gym and on running routes.

Why Orchard House Partners

We use nature and the outdoors to help leaders, teams and coaches develop the skills and understanding they need to change the way in which they work. We help leaders lead with clarity, teams become stronger, and coaches hone their ideas.

The coaching experience you have with us will be more powerful and effective than any you’ve had before because:

  • It will combine deep coaching experience with the best coaching environment
  • Systemic coaching facilitated by nature is shown to have a greater and more lasting effect on behaviours and results
  • Using an outside perspective helps to shift our internal reality, which creates and sustains meaningful change

Find out more: Call David on 07713 145 827 or email