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It’s time to get your teams together again

  • To find out how everyone is feeling
  • To take some time to think ahead
  • To agree your leadership behaviours for the next stage

Virtually now; in person and outdoors when we can

Throughout March till May we researched what leaders and coaches think their teams need now.  We’ve heard from people from every corner of the globe, including Hong Kong, Manilla, Lagos, Milan, the UK, Morocco, Moscow, Paris, Toronto, Seattle and New York. And through every conversation we’ve picked up one clear message. Everyone is in agreement that it’s time to get the teams together again.  To ensure their teams have the support they need to plan ahead positively and agree how to lead for the next stage.

“Leadership teams will not succeed if they stay in the current mode.   To really get our organisation performing into 2021, teams need to be supported to help them continue to perform at each stage of the changes we now face.”*

But how do we do that?

We know teams need to get together now so we’ve developed an approach that allows them to work together virtually.

Our unique programme combines individual coaching with 3 pairs of 2 1/2 hr sessions combining overnight reflection to allow time for feelings and concerns to surface, helping teams to work on deeper issues. Then when current COVID-19 restrictions allow we will bring the teams together to work off site.

Session 1 – Where are we?  Outcome your team feels supported, valued and heard

Session 2 – The changes and leadership challenges ahead  Outcome > your team is clear about shared priorities

Session 3 – How do we lead through all this?  Outcome > you have a collective approach across your leadership team

The benefits you’ll enjoy

  • 1:1 personal discussion engages everyone and gives each person ownership of the agenda.
  • Discussing the key themes in a leadership meeting helps everyone agree on the need, outcomes and timescale.
  • Unique pattern of paired sessions ensures you can reflect and get the same benefit as in a face-to-face programme.
  • Drumbeat of three iterations of the paired session blends efficiently with the current meeting schedule.
  • Individuals get 1:1 coaching just when they need it.
  • Teams perform better and issues are resolved more quickly than if you wait until you can meet in person.
  • The whole organisation benefits from better leadership.
  • Team members see the benefits and go on to help their own teams in the same way.

Get your team together again – find out how here

You can read our key learnings: Leading through Covid here

*Source: The 14 ‘Join the Conversation’ online sessions held March to May 2020.