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Reconnecting with Purpose 10-12 October Retreat 2022


About the Retreat:

The world has been dramatically impacted by complex challenges such as the pandemic, climate change, exponential technological change and current geopolitical events.

Do you feel the need to create some space to reflect, make sense of the turbulence, restore yourself and reconnect with your own purpose?

Our Reconnecting with Purpose October Retreat is an invitation to join a small group of fellow professionals to resource yourself and reconnect with your sense of purpose in the beautiful natural system that is Orchard House, based in the heart of the beautiful Monmouthshire countryside.

We will address together questions such as:

  • How to re-address your purpose in times of uncertainty
  • How purpose shows up differently for different people: for some it is crystal clear, easy to talk about and consistent, for others it is more fluid, harder to name and changes over time
  • Understanding how organisations relate to people’s sense or lack of purpose, for example the ‘great resignation’: why are people choosing to leave corporate cultures in mid-career?
  • How do our purposes connect with larger urgent issues facing the world?
  • How do we develop our purpose in a way that enables authentic leadership, resilience, diversity and inclusion?

There will also be plenty of space for your personal inquiry – whatever is important to you, for example:

  • What is the purpose I want to live by?
  • Am I providing the leadership that people need from me?
  • How can I begin to live the life I want to lead?
  • Where do I want to make an impact and why?
  • How do other leaders in similar positions look at these issues?
  • How do the ecosystems I am part of affect me?

How the retreat will help you

Joining us on this retreat will help you steer a path through these difficult times by developing a clearer sense of your own purpose or intent in the world and how to help others in the organisations you work with. It will help you understand your personal purpose and impact, over different time horizons and perspectives. You will make choices about where, when and how to take steps in line with your purpose so that you can thrive in an uncertain and volatile world.

“The Orchard House retreat offered me a unique opportunity to get in touch with my inner self and reflect on how I relate to my ecosystem. The beautiful setting acted as the perfect metaphor for that ecosystem, and helped me look at what aspects of myself I rely on when interacting with it, and which ones I keep hidden or I don’t use enough. Working with horses showed me how I can oscillate between being too accommodating and too forceful. This beautiful Welsh farm is the perfect place to reconnect with ourselves and explore how we show up in the world.”  Mariano Tufro.

Our systemic approach

A systemic approach includes being curious about the systems we are part of, our mindsets, about how we think and feel about the world and how we show up and take action.  It focuses on the relationships and the connections between the parts rather than seeing problems in isolation. We believe that taking a systemic approach can be empowering as if you make small changes in part of the system then this creates ripples across the system – so small changes do make a difference!

Using a systemic approach, our retreat leaders offer a guided process to help you map, discover and tune in to your personal sense of purpose and explore how that aligns with the systems you are part of. You may have a very clear purpose or it may be more fluid, you may be seeking to review where you are in your life and how your purpose aligns with your organisation. We invite you to bring questions and challenges around purpose at whatever level is important to you.

We will create a temporary learning community, in a collaborative space in beautiful surroundings. Our approaches include:

  • Three Horizon Thinking providing future foresight
  • Using systemic mapping, 3D sculpts, embodied work to tune in to purpose
  • Ikigai – the Japanese concept of ‘reason for being’
  • Offering recovery time to enable you to feel more resourced
  • Drawing on Theory U approaches
  • Perspective taking and amplifying your intent
  • Working with our horses: guided Equine assisted inquiry
  • Option to spend solo time in nature

How the retreat works

 One-to-one personal coaching call in advance with a Retreat Leader prior to the event to develop a shared understanding of your needs.  The themes from these conversations will help to shape the focus of the retreat.

 The Retreat 2 night Residential

We invite you to share Orchard House with us for a two night process of personal and joint inquiry.  All accommodation and food is included. Orchard House is designed for small groups and teams and allows us to live almost as a ‘family’, with plenty of communal spaces, while having the privacy of individual en-suite rooms. The extensive land includes wild woods, ponds, orchards and is home to rich wildlife as well as over twenty Spanish horses who help us provide equine-assisted coaching and inquiry.

 The change you will see

  •  After the retreat you will be able to:
  • Feel restored and re-connected and more able to name your purpose and bring your intentions to life
  • Understand how your sense of purpose connects to your work, organization and other stakeholders and the wider system
  • Be clearer about the difference you want to make and next steps
  • Understand the positive impact you already have and how you might amplify this
  • Recognise the personal, organisational and wider systems you are part of
  • Influence and create business ecosystems that allow individuals, teams and organisations to be at their most effective
  • Better understand your patterns of behaviour: what drives you, blocks you, impacts you and your own growth

 Retreat Leaders: 

 Margaret Bishop


Fiona Ellis

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David Jarrett



Duration: 2 day 2 night residential  2pm 10th October to 4pm 12th October. 

Number of people:  8-10


Cost: including all accommodation and meals

Residential event: including 1:1 pre-programme coaching call

  • £650 for organisations funding their leader’s development
  • £450 for individuals funding their own development

Plus VAT


Venue: Orchard House Monmouthshire, Wales, UK .


We provide everything so you can enjoy the experience without interruption. This can include, for example, coaching, catering, time in open spaces, guided walks, equine facilitated coaching, a night in a bivouac, cooking over a fire pit, exercise in the gym and on running routes.


Why Orchard House Partners

We use nature and the outdoors to help leaders, teams and coaches develop the skills and understanding they need to change the way in which they work. We help leaders lead with clarity, teams become stronger, and coaches hone their ideas.

The development experience you have with us will be more powerful and effective because:

  • It will combine deep coaching and development experience with a natural  environment
  • Systemic coaching facilitated by nature is shown to have a greater and more lasting effect on behaviours and results
  • Using an outside perspective helps to shift our internal reality, which creates and sustains meaningful change

Find out more:

Call Fiona Ellis on +447711671137 or

Call Margaret Bishop on +447901517521 or email