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Resilience Reset, an online intensive booster course, in September 2024

Many of us lead busy lives and can often feel under pressure, with a huge range of responsibilities at work and home. Staying resilient is an increasingly worthwhile and valued leadership skill. This helps us not only in our own self-management, but also to help us lead our teams and lead others.

Resilience is not about endurance; it is about our capacity to adapt and grow and we find leaders regularly need to re-set their approach to how they stay resilient for the longer term.

Whatever our life experiences have been so far, we can accumulate, maintain, and boost our resilience. We can learn and deploy strategies with conscious effort. We can search out the ‘bugs’ or repeated patterns in our ‘resilience systems’, examine them, look at how they persist and then get rid of them or at least mitigate their impact.

Join us in September for an intensive booster Resilience Reset programme.

The details:

Duration: Two 3-hour sessions over 2 weeks as an online course, plus workbook to use in own time

Dates: 17th September, 2.00-5.00pm AND 25th September, 9.30am-12.30pm

In this programme we will help you explore the wider reality of what is happening in your life and work and strategies and tools for how to increase your resilience . Come prepared to listen and be supported in a confidential setting.


(includes both sessions)

Corporate rate £495 + VAT = £594

Individual / self-funding rate £395 + VAT = £474


Fiona Ellis and Lisa Saunders will facilitate the sessions, and both have deep experience of working with Resilience. Please reach out to find out more and book an informal initial conversation:


Response Five RsAt Orchard House Partners, we have helped a range of leaders and coaches get in touch with how they can build their resilience, through taking a step back to explore their own habitual patterns of response and how to resource and recharge , and then how to reframe their perspective. Over the last 4 years, we have run our programme with a variety of clients, from a range of backgrounds from corporates, local government and the NHS.

Previous programme participants have said :

“This programme has helped me to re-focus on my current stresses and the impact they have on me and helped me learn how to manage them in a better way.”

“Gave me research, framework, evidence to become resilient. Group exercises helped to feel part of the team and part of others who are also going through similar things.”

“I was sceptical about attending the course initially as I wasn’t sure what I would gain from it but I have taken away so much in terms of knowledge, but also practical ideas of how I can reframe and recover/recharge. I am keen to be able to start using some of the tips and guidance that I have picked up to be able to support other members of my team.”

“Given me a lot to think about how I do things, my patterns of how I take on everyone’s worries and burdens, but don’t give myself enough time.”

“It has been refreshing to be allowed the time out to focus on ourselves and how we respond to situations. I will certainly use some of the strategies eg Reframing.”


About Orchard House

We provide a range of approaches from coaching leaders and teams through to culture change consulting, whether face to face and working digitally.

Transformative, because we work with leaders to engage the whole self. This is profound as it impacts on the fundamental ways you think, feel and act.

Our difference is to view your leadership and organisation as part of a complex ecosystem. This opens up new perspectives on what leadership is and should be.